Go Go Kiddo Launches Mobile App Providing Kids with Trusted Digital Playground

Letters, Numbers and Music Are Explored through Activities, Games and Stories

Seattle, WA — Go Go Kiddo today launched the Go Go Kiddo mobile device app that delivers a virtual educational playground for kids 2-5. Go Go Kiddo reinforces the joy of learning by engaging children in digital play about letters, numbers and music through a variety of activities, stories and games. Kids also discover a number of basic social concepts and develop motor skills via learning activities and engaging animated characters. Go Go Kiddo is a trusted environment for kids to explore for hours, and with additional entertainment packs, the fun and learning continues to keep kids amused.

Go Go Kiddo is launching an initial suite of interactive entertainment experiences exclusively through the iTunes store (URL) for an introductory price of only $0.99. Future entertainment packs, including new activity modules and games, will be available for an additional $0.99.

“The only thing better then children’s smiles and giggles are way their eyes light up when they learn something new,” said Dawne Weisman of Go Go Kiddo. “Vitamin Fortified FunTM is our way of expressing that Go Go Kiddo will keep children engaged for endless hours of educationally-enhanced interactive entertainment,” added her husband Jordan who went on to say, “As excited as we are about our first release, it is only the beginning of our vision for the kinds of positive impact interactive entertainment that we want to do with Go Go Kiddo.”

Created by a team that has led major interactive entertainment initiatives at numerous companies, including Disney and Microsoft, Go Go Kiddo was designed to leverage new mobile technologies to create experiences that engage and inspire. The founders, Dawne Weisman, Jordan Weisman, Joe DiNunzio, and Shane Small, have always been active participants in the development of their kids at school and at home and love to watch as children use technology to play, interact and learn. Developers with deep children’s interactive entertainment experience, an educational advisory board, and hundreds of Go Go Kiddo kid testers have contributed to the Go Go Kiddo experience.

Activities available in the initial launch:

Letter Launch – Learn all about letters in this game that allows kids to hear the letter sounds and trace the letters. Bringing fun and learning to the next level, they can then launch the letters from a slingshot to knock down structures, pop bubbles, and collect other letters to make words and score points. Children are taught letter shapes and sounds and are able to associate the letters with words in which they appear. Letter Launch has 36 levels of learning, challenge, and fun!

Trace & Race – Trace a number from 1 through 36 and then race against the clock to click on all the pictures that showcase that number. Kids learn about number shapes as they trace, followed by a fast-paced selection game to help them work on number recognition.

Creative Keys – Piano play is at its best in this program that features recording options, a range of key sound effects (from piano and string sounds to household and animal noises), and a music-matching game that tests memory and teaches pitch recognition. The one octave piano with labeled keys also lets players record their own original compositions and then kid composers get to watch the Go Go Kiddo characters dance to their music.

My Stickerbook – Decorate photos and pictures with digital stickers, including funny-themed packs and seasonal items. On the iPhone and iPad 2, the Stickerbook includes camera functionality to capture images that the child can decorate with stickers, adding funny characters to the places they live or making funny faces on their family and friends. Additional stickers are won by playing the Go Go Kiddo apps and appear as a reward for completing certain activities. New themed packs that expand this world will be offered as a separate purchase.

Go Go Tunes – Go Go Kiddo’s lovable characters – Amber, Mac, Pip, Tenny and Lilly – star in a number of sweet and funny two-minute cartoon episodes that teach social skills around topics such as sharing, avoiding bullying, and respecting others.

Jokes and Riddles – Kids simply laugh out loud at these riddles and knock-knock jokes from goofy and endearing characters Zooney & Gooney.

Sharing – After creating wonderful works of art in Go Go Kiddo’s Stickerbook activity, children can send them to their parents’ Facebook pages for posting and sharing with friends and family.

About Go Go Kiddo

Go Go Kiddo is delivering vitamin-fortified fun through a virtual educational playground app for kids 2-5. Currently available through iTunes, the Go Go Kiddo app reinforces the joy of learning by engaging children in digital play about letters, numbers and music through a variety of activities, stories and games. Formed in November of 2010 in Seattle by Dawne Weisman, Jordan Weisman, Joe DiNunzio, and Shane Small, the company is exploring new ways to use digital entertainment to engage and inspire. Find out more at www.gogokiddo.net.