Frequently-Asked Questions

What is Go Go Kiddo?

Go Go Kiddo is an app that delivers “Vitamin Fortified Fun” for pre-school children through an engaging world of games, stories, and laughs. Go Go Kiddo features a suite of interactive experiences that will delight young children for hours on end, in an environment that reinforces the importance and joy of learning.

When did development start on the product and how long did it take?

Go Go Kiddo was founded a year ago. We spent several months building and testing prototypes with parents and their children to understand their needs. We began development of our first release app about four months ago.

What was appealing about getting into the kids entertainment space?

We are parents and love to see our children play, engage, and learn. Today’s mobile touch screen devices present powerful new opportunities for young children to play and learn. These devices also offer opportunities for parents to connect with their children and participate in the experience in a meaningful way.

How do each of Go Go Kiddo’s activities compare with similar ones already in the app marketplace?

Most apps are “one-trick ponies,” so children quickly become bored with them. Go Go Kiddo provides a playground that combines great games, funny cartoons, and creative activities which keep children engaged for hours on end. Parents can constantly keep Go Go Kiddo fresh for their child by updating activities with their own photos. Their children can return the favor by sending their creations to Mom or Dad’s Facebook wall with a single touch.

How often will Go Go Kiddo be updated and how will it be updated?

Go Go Kiddo will be updated with additional cartoons, jokes, riddles, and other silliness at no additional cost. New game and activity modules will also be offered via in-app purchase for a small price.

How does the Go Go Kiddo program tie in with Facebook?

Go Go Kiddo’s Stickerbook allows a child to send their artistic creations to a parent’s Facebook page so that they can enjoy what their child has created and then share it with friends and relatives if they choose to do so. The Stickerbook activity also serves as a digital greeting card maker so that kids can easily make cards for family and friends that their parents can send via Facebook.

In Letter Launch, if children can’t master the play mechanism is there a way to access the other remaining letters to finish the word?

They can skip the level to keep playing.

Will you ever create multiplayer games for Go Go Kiddo for kids to interact?

For younger children (ages 3 to 5) we currently do not feel multiplayer is an appropriate mode. As we develop products for older children, we will absolutely move to multiplayer experiences.